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ADHD Coaching

ADHD Coaching/Consulting

The Center for Personal Wellness (CPW) offers mental health services, including specialized coaching and consultation for individuals diagnosed with ADHD or experiencing symptoms of ADHD.

What is ADHD Coaching?

Laura is a trained ADHD coach/consultant that helps individuals with ADHD learn how to carry out the practical activities of daily life in an organized, goal oriented, timely fashion.  She is trained and knowledgeable on the neurology of ADHD. The consultant-client relationship is very structured, goal-driven and focuses on helping the client create and implement practices that allow them to accomplish goals specific to their needs and wants. Laura will help you create a path that will lead you towards success.

As your ADHD Coach, Laura will work with you to:

The Coaching Process

1) Complimentary Consultation:
Coaching begins with a 15 minute consultation.  During this time you will have the opportunity to ask questions and make sure that coaching is appropriate for you and/or your child.  To schedule your complimentary consultation, please send us a email at or call us at (419) 628-6156.

2) Initial Assessment and Plan Development:

For Parents and Children
During the initial assessment we will work closely with the family to understand everyone's initial concerns, needs, and challenges.  We use this time to provide specific insight, education, and resources to help the family gain a clear understanding of what changes are needed to best help their child's success.

Our goal is to help parents become the experts on their child’s ADHD.  Having this level of understanding is one of the greatest gifts you can give your child. Families are encouraged to ask questions on subject matter they don’t understand, and will also have opportunities to email between sessions with questions or concerns. The initial assessment is for parents only and generally takes 90 minutes and can be broken up to best fit your schedule. The goals is that by the completion of the initial assessment, we will have a customized comprehensive management plan for your child.

For College Students
During the initial assessment, we work with both parent's and student.  We review past challenges, schedules, medication, career interest, and any other relevant information.  We also use this time to educate the student about their ADHD.  By the end of the assessment we will have identified the specific ADHD challenges impacting performance, set specific obtainable goals, and have a developed action plan. 

For Adults
During the initial assessment we will spend time reviewing past challenges and frustrations.  We provide ADHD education and insight on medications, alternative treatments, and resources.  At the conclusion of the assessment we will have identified specific primary ADHD challenges and have a customized ADHD management plan.

3) Coaching Sessions:

For Parents and Children
Regular sessions generally take once the plan has been approved. For younger children ages 4-12, the time is divided between them and their parents. The amount of time spent with a child usually depends on the age of the child.  Typically for children in middle school we spend 30 minutes/week.  We use this time to help them address social, academic, and any other specific challenges.  We teach them about their brain, how they learn best, building independence, and how to look out for the ADHD road blocks that can get in the way of their performance. 

For teens we generally spend 45 minutes working 1:1 and save 15 minutes to review with parents. Parents are free to call or email with questions.  We encourage this so that we can address concerns, answer questions, and provide suggestions for specific challenges they might be facing that week. 

For College Students
Coaching is generally 30 minutes to 1 hour and can be weekly or bi-weekly depending the students needs.  During coaching we work on time management, building good habits, planning, organization, health, and strength building.

For Adults
ADHD Adult coaching is similar to life coaching, but takes in consideration the neurology of the ADHD brain.  This type of coaching involves goal setting and an action plan to help individuals finally understand why moving forward and getting stuff done is such a challenge.  Coaching is generally 30 minutes to 1 hour and can be weekly or bi-weekly depending the individuals needs.

  • Find focus and define goals

  • Set priorities

  • Become less overwhelmed

  • Develop a plan or goal

  • Manage time

  • Become organized

  • Complete Tasks

  • Make good choices and better decisions

  • Control mood swings

  • Reduce anxiety and learn how to manage stress

  • Reprogram negative thought patterns and beliefs

  • Experience greater satisfaction and fulfillment in all areas of your life

  • Realize your potential

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