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From inception, we set out to design a different kind of mental health practice than any other in the area. Center for Personal Wellness is a unique private practice located in Minster, Ohio that provides therapy/counseling for the surrounding communities. Clients see these differences from the moment they call, when they arrive for their first session, and in the difference in the care they receive.

We believe
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We offer support, knowledge, and understanding - ensuring the client is placed with the right therapist and gets the service they need. If clients are feeling overwhelmed with the prospect of making that first call, we offer easy and stress free ways to get the first session on your calendar. The quickest way to get support is by setting up a call using the link below. You will talk with Vanessa, our Client Care Coordinator who can answer your questions and match you with the best therapist.



Therapy is a safe and confidential place to get support, insight, guidance, information, tools, resources and skills to improve your relationship for years to come. Our therapists are trained and seasoned experts in facilitating relationship healing and growth and provide a confidential environment to help you find success in a variety of life issues and personal challenges.

The Center for Personal Wellness office

Minster, Ohio

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The incorporation of the windmill into our image is significant. The windmill is the quintessential symbol of rural life. It provided life-giving water where none could be found on the surface and it tapped an abundant resource (wind) to bring out what was scarce. CPW similarly seeks to recover the riches beneath the surface of rural communities and it is our vision is to support you in reimagining mental health to reduce barriers, create awareness and acceptance, and improve access to care.

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