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Mental Health in the Workplace

Our BeWell at Work program caters to small businesses and organizations to provide a tailored package of programs, services, and resources designed to benefit employers and employees, and positively impact the bottom line.

We do things differently.

We think outside of the box and strive to make resources more easily accessible to our clients. We have made it our priority to help in reducing barriers to access by offering even more ways to for employees to utilize their services via video counseling and web portal for self-sourced resources (coming soon).


Did you know?

  • At least 20% of employees who call in sick are suffering from stress rather than an illness.

  • Almost 50% of employees say stress and personal issues are the most common reasons for work absence.

  • 49% of employees lose an hour of productivity or more each day due to stress.

  • 44% of employees say they come to work at least once a quarter too stressed to be effective.

Benefits of addressing mental health in the workplace:

  • Increase productivity

  • Increase employee effectiveness at work and reduce both presenteeism and absenteeism

  • Reduce accidents

  • Resolve workplace conflicts & complaints

  • Improve employee morale

  • Reduce employee turnover

  • Reduce healthcare costs

Our CORE Services

Our CORE services are developed to enhance and support businesses.


Anger Management
Stress Management Workshops
Critical Incident Response


Leadership Coaching
Health & Wellness Coaching
Consultations & Trainings


Management Trainings
Organizational Development
Work/Life Balance

Business Meeting

Business + Organizational Development

At CPW we are committed to enhancing service delivery systems. As part of this commitment, we provide services to other organizations which support the organization’s growth and development. We provide a tailored package of programs, services, and resources designed to benefit employers and employees, and positively impact the bottom line. 

Some of the organizational development activities we provide include:

  • Employee Selection

  • Leadership Training

  • Professional Coaching

  • Team Development

  • Personal Assessments

Trainings + Workshops

Customized training sessions are available for entire organizations, employees only, executives only, or individual departments. 


Training topics include:

  • personal change inside of organizational change

  • assertiveness

  • communication skills

  • stress & anxiety management

  • interpersonal skills

  • how to have difficult discussions (with employees, coworkers &/or clients)

Business Meeting
Psychology Patient

BeWell EAP

BeWell EAP was created to help small businesses handle the challenges their employees bring with them to work. We offer solutions to help them balance work and life so that they can focus while at work. BeWell EAP is a membership consortium created expressly for the small business client. Employee Assistance Programs are no longer just for large corporations.

We offer solution-focused counseling to employees who have personal and/or work-related problems. The advantages of Employee Benefit Programs and Wellness Programs far exceed the disadvantages. In today’s economy, rising health care costs are at the forefront of critical issues facing our population.

Years of research and outcome studies have shown striking evidence that a EAP will tend to improve employee overall morale and lead to a more energetic, positive and productive workplace, reduce employee turnover, and reduce overall health care costs.
The bottom line is that healthy employees work better and, in turn, provide gains for the company/organization.

Contact Laura at for a detailed quote and see how we can impact your bottom line!

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